How to Give a Hickey

How to give a hickey

How to Give a Hickey

How to give a hickey is advice we weren’t sure we should put on this website because, well, really, this website is about how to get rid of or hide hickeys! But we figured hey, while you’re here we might as well give you a little freebie. The first, and most important, thing about giving hickeys is to make sure your partner actually wants one. There are many people out there who don’t like hickeys or can’t afford to have one at their house, school, work, etc. Hickeys are viewed as a sexual thing and many people do not like to advertise their sexual behavior. But, if you and your partner are both ok with it, well – have fun!

Step One – Choose the Right Spot

Hickeys are formed because external suction bursts capillaries (tiny blood vessels) near the skin, causing blood to leak out and collect, forming a hickey. Areas with very soft skin (like the front and sides of the neck and inside of your arms) have more capillaries closer to the surface and are easier to suck harder.

Step Two – Suck!

Form your mouth into a circle, like you are saying the letter ‘O’ or whistling. Place your mouth on the area you want to give a hickey, and suck in like you are trying to suck as much of their skin as possible into your mouth.

  • The harder and longer you suck, the bigger the hickey will be. You can try nibbling or aggressive kissing as well, but sucking is really the way to go.
  • If you want to go for extra size and/or color, wait thirty seconds and then go at it again on the same spot.
  • The area might be slightly red after you have done this and within the next several minutes or hours, a noticeable hickey will form.
  • Remember! A hickey is created by sucking hard enough to rupture blood vessels, so giving a hickey may cause some pain for your partner while you are doing it and if you want to get a really big hickey, you’re going to have to apply quite a bit of suction.


How to Hide a Hickey

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