Hide a Hickey

How to Hide a Hickey

Can’t beat it? Then here’s how to hide a hickey! The hickey cures on this website work. We promise. But, no matter what you do, hickeys can last a while. While the remedies we give you might reduce your new friend’s lifespan from two weeks to two days, if you have a hickey that you need gone and need gone now, hiding it may be the only way to go. The real key to hiding a hickey is to get creative. True, sometimes just wearing a turtleneck will do, but if it’s the middle of the summer and you live in Miami well – that might not be so practical. And lastly, if you’re hiding a hickey – make sure you check a mirror frequently to make sure it’s still hidden!

Method One – Clothing / Accessories
Cover the hickey completely. You can go with all kinds of items and ideas, but if you’re looking for a solution fast, you can have our ideas too :)

Method Two – Hair
This one is more for the ladies, sorry guys. If your hair is long enough, you can style it so that it covers your hickey. Just make sure you check it constantly to ensure it’s still covered.

Method Three – Makeup
One of the most popular methods for covering a hickey is using makeup and no, this is not just for the ladies! Guys, you can try your hand with makeup yourself or, otherwise, find a mom / sister / girlfriend you trust to help you. There are a number of specific recommended steps you can use to hide a hickey with makeup.

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